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Who are we? COSOLAR.COM is the education website of ( (known in the past as Colorado Solar, Inc.).  We are a supplier of solar electric products and an authorized dealer for practically all US brands of solar equipment. Established in 2002 in New Castle, Colorado, a small town just outside of Glenwood Springs along I-70. Currently we have a warehouse stocking solar modules, racking, inverters, batteries, and anything else you may need for your solar application. Feel free to stop by if you are in the area! We are close to Gypsum, Avon, Edwards, Glenwood Springs, Carbondale, Basalt, Snowmass, Aspen, Silt, Rifle, and Grand Junction.

What do we do? Our goal is provide installers, DIY'rs, companies, and RV/Marine'rs, with all the necessary equipment and information to install solar PV systems--whether grid-tied or off-grid. We keep up to date with the newest technologies and best products for any type of solar electrical system.

Installation? Need installation help in Colorado or surrounding states? Solar Panel Store partners with a top installer with deep expertise in off-grid, generators and residential grid-tied systems!

Where can I learn more and buy? Please visit our store at: for your online purchasing needs or give us a call at 970-984-3750 or toll-free at (800) 766-7644 for all of your questions.

Grid-tied systems? If you are interested in a grid-tied system (connected to the utility grid), the size of the system is only limited by space constraints and your electric utility policies. This is the simplest system with the quickest payback. Specialized grid-tied inverters "invert" DC electricity produced by the solar panels directly into standard AC power to feed your household electricity needs (also called "loads"). If the sun is shining and your have no electricity needs, the inverter syncs with the utility grid and "sells" back the excess electricity to the utility grid ("net metering"). If your house has electricity needs when the sun isn't shining (nighttime), then the utility supplies your electric needs. In this simple scenario, no energy storage is needed. However, Optionally, a grid-tied system can include some energy storage to provide backup power during power failures or for later self-consumption (especially nice in places where the utility prohibits or limits net-metering..

Off-grid systems? If you are interested in a non-grid-tied (that is, not connected to a utility, also called Off-Grid or stand-alone) system, the size of the system must be well matched to the electrical loads. This type of system also requires batteries, and usually a backup generator.

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