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Powering a Home Completely with solar

If the electric utility is more than one-quarter mile away, you may save money by using solar electricity instead. We recommend getting a quote to extend the power lines to your property before deciding one way or the other. It is also important to know how much electricity you will need. Very large loads such as central air conditioning and electric heaters, ovens, and dryers are difficult to run off the grid. Evaporative coolers, propane heat, and propane ovens are more practical, even at the high prices for propane today. It is critical to design the home for maximum efficiency if planning an off-grid solar power system.

It is true that if you get an off-grid power system you will never get an electric bill. However, it is a bit disingenuous to say that solar electricity is free. In addition to upfront costs, there is a need to eventually replace batteries, and provide fuel for a backup generator. In our experience people who live off the grid do save a lot of money on utility costs, simply because living with solar and batteries practically forces you to use less energy. For more information on designing off grid systems, please refer to the archive link on the left.

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