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Doing It Yourself


OutBack Power Panel prewired by Colorado Solar


Self-Installation is a lot of work because there are so many details. It is worth familiarizing yourself with the technology to whatever extent you are interested or you can pay someone else to worry about all the details. At a minimum some electrical experience is necessary for a whole house-sized installation. Trial and error is not an effective approach. Planning is very important to avoid electrical code problems with clearances in battery rooms for example (do NOT put your batteries in front of the power panel!).

Be aware that unpermitted or unlicensed modifications to your home may void insurance coverage.

Also be aware of the large number of highly conductive parts in a solar electric system. The module frames and all equipment chassis need to be well grounded.

With a good design, installation should be fun. We are ready to work with you or your electrician to provide the level of support you need.